Beever says she became suspicious when the scammer asked her to buy several pre-paid credit cards and mail them to him.

The cheque bounced. By then, Beever was short close to $500 that she used to buy the pre-paid credit cards and needed the money for rent.

“I probably would have wound up not being able to keep my apartment,” says Beever.

After a month of negotiating with the pre-paid credit card company and her bank, she was returned most of her money.

RCMP admit the culprits in frauds like this are often tough to track down, but Constable Kris Clark has a message for scammers.

We are educating the public and they are getting smarter about...

SAN FRANCISCO, California Outside of Ubers headquarters, drivers frustrated with some of the on-demand ride companys practices gathered Wednesday to protest for what they believe are their rights as partners of the firm. They were joined in Los Angeles by drivers protesting outside local Uber offices, including a strong representation from members of the California App-Based Drivers Association (CADA).

In New York and London, Uber drivers networks encouraged drivers to go on a work strike in solidarity with the protesters. According to reports from the London Uber drivers network, in many locations there were no UberX cars available throughout the day.

The complaints, much...

Parliament approves new legislation to deal with bankruptcy in Jamaica

CMC – Parliament has given the green light to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, 2014, ensuring that businesses no longer face closure when facing bankruptcy.

The Senate has approved the legislation with 43 additional amendments, following passage in the Lower House with 100 amendments.

Prior to its passage, the Jamaican law on bankruptcy and insolvency was contained in two pieces of legislation – the Bankruptcy Act, which covered personal and individual insolvency, and the Companies Act, which dealt with the winding up of insolvent corporate bodies.

The Bankruptcy...

ALBANY, NY (AP) — New York regulators have begun investigating short-term, high-interest loans secured by borrowers homes or other real estate to determine if they violate state laws against predatory lending.

The Department of Financial Services says Tuesday it has issued subpoenas for information from nine companies involved in so-called hard money lending.

Under the deals, a borrowers ability to repay typically is unexamined and loans may be structured with an expectation of foreclosing on property.

Superintendent Ben Lawsky says such loan to own schemes are unconscionable.

Regulators are investigating whether the companies intentionally set onerous terms...

One of the most notable ads of the local political season in the Tampa Bay area has been the Republican Party of Floridas Pop Quiz attack spot on Judithanne McLauchlan, the USFSP political science professor who is trying to knock off Jeff Brandes in the State Senate District 22 race that encompasses much of the Pinellas coastline and parts of South Tampa. The ad has been rated as mostly false by PoliFact Florida,for inferring that the Democrat supports creating a state income tax by saying shes a member of a group (the League of Women Voters) who at one time did support the idea.

But while that income tax claim has been the focus of the ad, it also states that she filed for personal...

Bank of America Business Capital has provided a $20 million senior secured revolving credit facility for ShelterLogic LLC. Proceeds from this loan will be used to support the company’s new distribution facility on the West Coast and provide on-going working capital.

ShelterLogic has a unique history of strategically partnering with customers to meet and exceed their unique outdoor product requirements. Driving innovation since 1991, ShelterLogic is evolving into a leader in design, manufacturing, and distribution of high quality outdoor products. Headquartered in Watertown, Connecticut, ShelterLogic owns and operates manufacturing in the United States and China. They distribute...

Interested in making a big purchase like a house or car, but your credit report is marred by a history of late credit card payments? Believe it or not, there is something you can do to wipe it out.

It’s called credit card re-aging, which requires you to make an agreement with your credit card company to pay off the debt in a lump sum or make consecutive on-time payments. The process allows credit card companies or banks to record accounts as current or up-to-date, according to

How It Works

Under such agreements, the site says, a late account that was once recorded by credit reporting agencies as late will be listed as “Paid on time.”

The Fort Bend County Sheriffs Office is issuing a scam alert concerning suspects posing as law enforcement officers or IRS agents.

Numerous calls have been made to Fort Bend County residents where the suspect impersonating a law enforcement officer or IRS agent tells the victim that he or she must pay a fine or risk being jailed or in some cases, deported. The victims are told to go purchase pre-paid credit cards to pay for the fines.

No law enforcement agency will ever call a resident and tell them they must pay a fine by purchasing a pre-paid credit card, said David Schultz of the Fraud Unit of the Criminal Investigation Division at the Fort Bend County Sheriffs Office. This...

You’ll find many valuable tools, resources and customer-friendly features at the PUD’s website, Customers can pay their bills online. Students can research new energy sources. Solar energy enthusiasts can explore options for generating their own power from the sun. The website also features:

o Preparedness tips for power outages

o Educational content for teachers, students and parents

o Electrical safety information

o Lists of PUD facilities for public use

o Low-income and senior discount program information

o Conservation program offerings and a directory of PUD-registered contractors

o Electrical...

Today, Mohan Jayaraman, managing director, Experian Credit Information Company of India amp; country manager of Experian India, answers your questions

I am repaying two personal loans and one credit card loan. Will I have a low credit score?

All past repayments are recorded on your credit report. If you pay your equated monthly instalments (EMIs) on time and as agreed, while staying within the agreed credit limits and making necessary credit card monthly repayments in full and on time, your report would reflect this. If lenders see a well-managed credit history, it would positively impact your credit score. In the long term, it is advisable to have minimal unsecured debt;...