At issue in GRG Acquisitions, LLC v. MDM Golf of Gillette Ridge, LLC (In re MDM Golf of Gillette Ridge, LLC), Case No. 14-21565 (ASD) (December 23, 2014), was whether relief from the automatic stay should be granted to a secured creditor in a single asset real estate case. A single asset real estate case is defined generally as a case in which the debtor owns real property that is its sole asset and on which there is no business being conducted other than operating the real estate. In such a case, the debtor, within 90 days of the bankruptcy filing, must either start making payments to the secured creditor or file a plan that has a reasonable possibility of being confirmed...

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders are hoping business will boom following the introduction of the new pension freedoms next month.

As of 6 April 2015, people will be able to access their pension savings as and when they please from age 55. Although theyll still be able to take out 25 per cent tax-free, anything more will be taxed at their marginal rate.

This has spurred a storm of speculation over what people will likely do with their money.

P2P lending is a relatively new addition to the financial marketplace. It allows individual lenders – like you – to loan money to other individuals, in theory making money off the interest.

The government seems to favour...

Dear Steve,

My situation is similar to those asking about student loans and repayment. My Mom had to take out parent plus loans under her name to help me with school.

We both understand the responsibilities we have. However, she can barely afford to pay for her rent and food on the money she makes. Therefore, Im the one making the payments. This has been a very stressful situation for me. I have been lucky enough (and Im absolutely grateful) to find good jobs ever since I graduated from college and I make a decent amount. But most of my money goes straight to her loans and mine.

I spend $1000 a month on just loans. We have tried to lower the payments but the amount...

Should people be able to get a free house by refusing to paytheir mortgage?

Thats the question Florida has to answer. The housing crisis is over, and the housing market is healing itself, though slowly in some places. But a backlog of foreclosures still remains … and it has been going on so long that some homes are now past the statute of limitations for collecting debt. Lawyers for the homeowners are arguing that this means they get to keep the house. Lawyers for the banks are, unsurprisingly, arguing that each month they fail to pay the mortgage payment starts the statutory clock anew.

Both argumentscreate problems if the courts endorse them. If failing to pay really...

Retail loans will continue to boost the performance of both the public sector and private banks in the fourth quarter of the financial year 2014-15.

With delinquencies in the retail portfolios lower than the corporate and the small and medium enterprises banks continue to be confident about disbursing retail loans specially home loans which are secured loans.

The absence of corporate loan growth with companies not coming for fresh credit banks have no option other than to put money other in small retail loans or in government securities. To push retail loans, banks may come out with offers soon, say experts.

This second point is the one that often leads to problems. Many whistleblowers in the past have brought severe and even illegal practices to the attention of the authorities. However, often, the problem highlighted by the informant is not necessarily a major fraud or deception but rather an issue with the culture within a firm. Indeed, the mindset of the management can often cause the biggest difficulties.

As the famous management consultant, Peter Drucker, once said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Plans and policies within the workplace mean nothing if the mindset and the culture are not correct.

When the FCA announced it would be taking the reins for regulation...

Charlotte, North Carolina-based Capitala provides money to lower middle-market and middle-market companies through its funds. The company manages public capital through Capitala Finance Corp. (Nasdaq: CPTA) and private capital through the CapitalSouth Growth funds.

The lower middle-market fund comes two days after the group announced a joint venture with Trinity Universal Insurance Co. (NYSE: KMPR) to create Capitala Senior Liquid Loan Fund I LLC, which will invest in senior secured loans made to middle market companies.

Several private equity funds have closed recently. Palo Alto, California private equity firm HGGC held a final close on its second fund in earlier in March,...

How much money does your family pay every month in mortgage-related expenses? Source: Mark Moz, via Flickr.

There is, perhaps, no bigger expense you will ever have than the purchase of your house. Along with saving for retirement, and a college education for your children, paying a mortgage has become one of the Big Three financial events in ones life.

But how much are we actually spending on our mortgages, and does it make sense for the type of lives we lead?

Last month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its Consumer Expenditure Survey for 2013. If youve ever bought a house, you know the monthly payment you make is actually more than just your mortgage. The regular...

As the economy continues to gain momentum in the UAE, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have managed to account for 95 per cent of all businesses in Dubai. And peer-to-peer financing, which is the practice of connecting individual lenders with credit-worthy businesses, has just been introduced to the region, making the process of financing more streamlined and effective.

Liz Graznak of Happy Hollow Farm used the Kiva Zip loan to build a new high tunnel for the farm.

I havent had a paying job for the last six years, says Liz Graznak, owner of Happy Hollow Farm, located outside of Jamestown, Missouri. Every ounce of money that I have made, Ive put back into the farmhellip; According to my tax statements, the farm isnt making enough money for a bank to give me a loan. I dont have a weekly paycheck I can bring in and show them. I think it would be very hard for me to get a traditional loan.

Thanks to a relatively new loan program called Kiva Zip, Graznak had a better option. Kiva Zip is an online platform that connects entreprenuers with its global...