HOUSTON, Feb. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — PATTERSON-UTI ENERGY, INC. (NASDAQ: PTEN)today reported that for the month of January 2016, the Company had an average of 78 drilling rigs operating in the United States and four rigs in Canada.

Average drilling rigs operating reported in the Companys monthly announcements represent the average number of the Companys drilling rigs that were operating under a drilling contract. The Company cautioned that numerous factors in addition to average drilling rigs operating can impact the Companys operating results and that a particular trend in the number of drilling rigs operating may or may not indicate a trend in or be indicative of the Companys...

HOUSTON – If Celia Elmira Patricia Scott signed her reverse mortgage after 2014, she might still be in her home today. Instead, she has been forced to pack up and leave.

Scott and her husband William signed an agreement for a reverse mortgage in 2007. The couple believed the deal would allow them to live in the place they bought in 1972 until they passed away.

Her husband was 62 and Scott was 58 when they applied for the mortgage.

But when her husband passed away at age 66, the lender wanted Patricia out, arguing her husband was the sole borrower under the note and mortgage.

I guess it didnt count anymore, Scott said.

Veteran attorney Kelly Bosecker...

No. 12 Most Loans Closed (2014)

By Victor Whitman, chief reporter, Scotsman Guide Media | bio

Fort Worth originator Linda Mister had to employ some tenacious detective skills to land her first job in the mortgage business. She heard that a mortgage company was looking for a receptionist, but she didn’t have any other clues. So she called every company in the telephone book until she found
the one looking to hire.

Her next job was as a loan processor, and that job was more like flying blind. On her first day, the boss put a stack of loan files on her desk and told her to figure out how to process them.

Soon she got a shot at originating loans. Before...

Fourth-quarter earnings for Hancock Holding Co., parent company of Hancock Bank and Whitney Bank, were affected by the depth and duration of falling oil prices on energy loans.

The earnings report released Thursday showed net income for the fourth quarter of 2015 at $15.3 million, or 19 cents per share, compared with $41.2 million, or 52 cents a share a year ago, a 63 percent decline.

CEO John Hairston said the allowance for energy loans was increased by $43 million to $78.2 million, or 4.95 percent of energy loans. That is up from 2.12 percent and the largest provision in company history.

Oil was below $30 a barrel Thursday. Layoffs at energy companies continue, Hairston...

Mortgage rates are dropping. The 30-year mortgage rate has fallen to 3.79 percent.  Experts say thats a good sign for the market.

The sellers are getting more values for their home, buyers are still getting  a good deal, rates are low, everybody is winning right now, said Kris Kirkham, an agent with Silvercreek Realty Group in Idaho Falls.

He said while buyers are getting a good deal, its definitely a sellers market.

Actually getting a little more money for their homes than they were a year or two ago; thats a benefit for a seller. Theres also going to be a lot more buyers for that seller, he said. Theres more buyers, if you will, than there is listings, and so the seller, ...

ISLAMABAD/KARACHI Jan 15 Sales of new cars in
Pakistan hit their highest level since at least 2007 in the
second half of last year as consumer confidence rebounded,
thanks to a drop in militant violence and lower inflation.

Pakistans economy, the worlds 44th largest, has suffered
under years of violence waged by various militant groups, large
budget deficits and a chronic shortage of energy to fuel

Last fiscal year the economy grew 4.2 percent, slightly
better than in 2014, but falling inflation and a drop in
interest rates has put more money into consumers pockets.
Militant attacks also fell sharply last year, encouraging

Youre thinking about getting a reverse mortgage. Should you discuss your plan with your adult children? Maybe. Every senior homeowners situation is unique.

I wish I could give you one best practice thats optimal for every family, but its more complex than that, said Joseph Goetz, an associate professor for the department of financial planning, housing and consumer economics at the University of Georgia and an editorial board member of the Financial Therapy Association.

Reverse mortgage

A type of home equity loan that is available to homeowners age 62 or older. No repayment is required until the borrower dies or moves out. At that time, the principal and accumulated interest...

In the December the Fed finally made the leap: hiking rates for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis. But in a surprise, the mortgage market seems not to have noticed. In fact, 30-year mortgage rates have fallen for four weeks in a row, according Freddie Macs weekly survey. The average rate for a 30-year mortgage stands at 3.79%, the lowest level since October.

So what gives? The strange results are a lesson in just how fickle financial markets can be. Its important to remember that when financial commentators talk about the Fed raising rates, they can make it seem like central bank officials simply pull a lever to hoist interest rates upwards. Its a lot more complicated than...

BC Hydro is warning its customers of a telephone scam involving the utility.

In its latest bill, Hydro warns some customers are being targeted by the aggressive scam.

Fraudsters are passing themselves off as BC Hydro agents threatening to disconnect power if a payment is not made.

Hydro officials advise customers they do not collect credit card or bank account information over the phone, and never ask for payment from pre-paid credit cards or cash gift cards.

If you receive a call you are unsure about, you are asked to call 1-800-BCHYDRO (1-800-224-9376) or 604-224-9376 in the Lower Mainland.