OTTAWA — The Bank of Canada says its weighing the possible benefits of issuing electronic money.

Senior deputy governor Carolyn Wilkins says the central bank is evaluating the merits of digital currencies like Bitcoin — even as it monitors e-moneys potential pitfalls.

In prepared remarks for her speech Thursday in Waterloo, Ont., Wilkins says people who use e-money need to be aware of the risks of putting their trust in a lightly regulated currency with limited or no user protection.

She says e-money ranges from options like PayPal and pre-paid credit cards to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin — which are exchanged through computer transactions without...


First come the discounts

The first advantage you have when buying new is the space dealerships have to offer discounts. Taking a SEAT Leon as an example, comparison site Carwow
found that while the list price of a particular model was £23,895, some dealerships were offering it for £3,040 less than that.

This was far from a rare thing, with discounts of thousands of pounds found on new VW Golfs and Volvos among others thanks to the flexibility dealerships have. In fact, once the dealer discounts were included, a lot of new cars were cheaper than their nearly new equivalents which already had thousands of miles on the clock.

Second comes the financing

“We just hit the tip of the iceberg here,” he said. “This is a first for us, and we have no idea how many people had their identity stolen or how much money was taken.”

Information given to Sunbury police and the Northumberland County district attorney office over the past few weeks led to police officers, Northumberland County Adult Probation, state police at Selinsgrove and several other governmental agencies asking a judge to sign a search warrant for 1139 Susquehanna Ave., where authorities said they found a credit card machine, a credit card activation device, several pre-paid credit cards, blank credit cards, a computer and other tools used to create fake...

The police department is still investigating the matter, Ricciardi said. The investigation has been difficult because it appears the scammers used a prepaid throwaway phone.

Weve been hearing a lot of scams lately, he said. This is the first time weve seen this particular scam.

Phone scams on the elderly
Recently, an elderly gentleman was called by phone by a scammer that his grandson was arrested in California and needed to post bail. He was told to buy pre-paid credit cards and sent approximately $2,500 to the scammer. It turned out the grandson was in college and was safe, Ricciardi said.

Also more common lately are scams involving phone calls from...

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Capt. Timothy P. Davis, supervisor of the Greeneville police Detective Division, said several recent examples of scams targeting Greene County citizens make that saying all the truer.

One involved a man who received a phone call from a stranger informing him he had won $1 million in a contest. The man was told that all he had to do to collect was pay income taxes on the prize.

This gentleman was going to take a mortgage on his house to pay for the tax money on the million dollars he won and the bank caught it and stopped it, David said.

A recent case investigated by the Greene County Sheriffs Department involved...

We Finance Anyone The Law Allows

A familiar slogan from heard at many used car and some new car dealerships from coast to coast. Realizing that the economy is starting a slow recovery, the amount of available credit has increased but maybe not in the conventional locations.

The confessions of a used car salesman tells some experiences that many people may not really understand or were aware of. Some of the biggest profit is made in the secondary credit finance business. Interest on secondary credit, like car financing, is paying some investors double digits while your local bank could only muster up 2% APR in a good year.

It is usually the poor, minorities, single mothers...

Who do you trust with your money?

Many of us would probably list “parents” near the top of that list. Which is why the tale of Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson is so shocking and deplorable.

Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch reported on Thursday that Johnson filed for bankruptcy on Oct. 7, claiming assets of less than $50,000 and debts of more than $10 million. Sources tell Portzline that his debts could be closer to $15 million.

According to Cap Geek, Johnson’s made $20.9 million in his career on three NHL contracts; that money’s all but gone. His current one runs through 2018, and has him making $5 million a season; much of those...

Buying shares in an investment trust with a good history of prioritising
dividend payments could be better still for income-seekers: some of them are
yielding almost 6pc.

But shares arent the only income show in town. The yield desert that has
become the backdrop for investors since 2009 has brought a raft of
interesting opportunities, with old or discredited forms of investment
rediscovered and new forms of income-generating savings invented.

Here is a quick guide to the major landscape-changers for income investors.

Retail bonds

In 2010, the London Stock Exchange launched a trading service that gave a
boost to private...

The half-day events are free for mortgage advisers and Promise introducers to attend.

The seminars will cover a number of topics including regulatory issues; why brokers should offer secured loans; how to find more secured loan enquiries and how to use secured loans to gain and retain mortgage clients.

There will also be sessions on products, professional sourcing and compliance tools as well as an underwriting clinic which brokers are invited to bring their own cases to discuss.

Steve Walker, managing director, Promise Solutions, said: These roadshows aim to bring brokers up to date on regulatory thinking, help them understand the consequences of getting it wrong and show...

Valley Subaru of Staunton

Valley Subaru, previously Staunton Subaru located in the Shenandoah Valley. We have been serving drivers in Staunton, VA, Harrisonburg, VA and Charlottesville, VA for years. Virginia and West Virginia drivers come to us for quality, affordable vehicles along with some of the best financing plans in VA. Contact us now to schedule your test drive! Weve got a quality team, the best in the Valley to help get you into a new vehicle. New and Used Subaru Vehicles For Sale Near Harrisonburg, VA At our dealership in Staunton, VA, we proudly serve customers new vehicles from the Subaru brand. If youre looking for a new Subaru in Staunton, VA, then look no further than Valley...