Top 10 Tips to Help You Achieve Your Goals in the New Year

Are you planning a healthier new you this year? We’ve put together a list of our top 10 tips to help you achieve your goals!

1. Make a Commitment. While you may think that setting a goal in the New Year is enough of a commitment, New Year’s resolutions are likely to fail. Why? Because they are often treated as a short-term goal with no accountability. Be accountable to yourself and plan for the long-term. If you plan to join a new gym, consider joining for one year rather than three-six months. This will be an extra “motivation� to keep you committed and will allow you to set a goal for personal transformation rather than a personal resolution.

2. Set Realistic Goals. Your goals need to be attainable and measurable. Start by setting small goals such as going to the gym three times per week. This type of goal is easy to attain, and more importantly, you can easily keep track of your progress. Set specific goals like improved strength, cardio endurance or weight-loss over a longer period of time. Give January a break and commit to achieving your goals within six months or one year.

3. Deviate from Tradition. It’s very tempting to stick with traditional training styles for fitness such as hitting the treadmill or lifting free weights. While this type of training is better than sitting on the couch, it won’t give you a well-rounded workout. Training styles such as HIIT, TRX, Bootcamp and Kangoo incorporate both cardio and muscular endurance, not only providing a comprehensive workout that will bring you closer to your goals, but also improving overall heart health and stamina.

4. Make Small Changes. Small changes can have a huge impact on your overall health. Cutting out pop and junk, or adding walking for 30 minutes into your daily routine, are easy lifestyle changes that will help you reach your health goals. Everything in moderation is a great rule to follow, especially when you’re getting started on a new goal. It will be more difficult to stick to a new diet if you’ve cut out all of your favourite foods. Likewise, going to the gym six days per week will be much more difficult that incorporating two-three new workouts per week.

5. Make Exercise Fun. Exercise can be fun! Try bringing a friend or your significant other to the gym with you. Most fitness studios have great referral programs – not only will you be able to enjoy the next group training session with your friend, but you will also benefit from a free month or even year of membership, depending on your gym’s referral program!

6. Be Accountable. While setting realistic goals and commitment for a long period of time will definitely help you stick to your transformation goals, there are many different programs you can join in the New Year to help you stay accountable. Being in a group setting will help you stay accountable to your goals, motivated to continue, and give you a place to celebrate your success. If joining a fitness challenge isn’t for you, consider sharing your goals with a partner who will help you stay on track.

7. Write it down. Keep a daily or weekly journal detailing your progress. This journal can be as detailed as you would like – from food to exercise plans and goal setting. There are also tons of free fitness apps you can download to help you keep track of your progress.

8. Eat More. This may seem like the opposite of a healthy New Year’s Resolution, but eating small, frequent meals will help control your appetite, blood sugar, concentration and mood. More importantly, you will help increase your metabolism and maintain your muscle mass.

9. Drink More. Drinking more water throughout your day will contribute to weight loss while also helping increase energy and reduce fatigue. It will also help lubricate your joints and muscles, preventing cramps and sprains. If you’re adding in a new workout regime this year, you’ll definitely need the extra hydration!

10. Reward Yourself. Committing to a healthier lifestyle is a reward in itself, but celebrating your success along the way in an excellent way to stay motivated. Planning to buy new clothing, going on a weekend getaway, or even a going on a full vacation, are options that will help keep you moving forward when you feel like giving up.

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