When Should You Wash Your Hair?

Many people when washing their hair feel like they are doing it wrong. Although washing your hair isnt hard, sometimes figuring out how often you should wash it can a little bit confusing. Some people feel as though the need to wash their hair every time a drop of water hits them and some think washing their hair is just a suggestion. These are extreme examples, but the average person knows the feeling of thinking they are doing it all wrong.

The question you should first ask yourself is what kind of hair do I have? There are a couple different hair types and they each require different methods of care.

Thick hair: For you people with thick hair you are lucky! With thick hair it takes longer for your hair to become oily which means you really only need to wash your hair once a week. Now this may change due to the thickness of your hair, but this is a general statement for those with thick hair. You really dont need to fret about shampooing every day or even every other day.

Medium hair: If you are in between fine hair and thick hair then you fall into this category. For this particular type of hair, you should wash your hair 3-4 times a week. Your hair is not as low maintenance as those with thick hair, but you definitely dont need as much maintenance as those with fine hair. The oil build up in someone of medium type hair does not require a wash every day. Avoid washing your hair everyday it is unnecessary for your type of hair.

Fine Hair: People with Fine hair are stuck with a lot of maintenance. This type of hair absorbs more oil than any other type of hair. Cleaning this type of hair is a must and should be done every day for optimal cleanliness. If you do anything where you sweat a good amount you might want to get some dry shampoo or find a way to take a shower after.

You really should know your type of hair so that you can clean according to your specific type. Hair that is thoroughly cleaned may lead to problems like dandruff and itchy scalp. Residues that may be left on the scalp are left to break down and may turn into an irritating substance. If you shampoo too much you could remove a lot of your hairs natural oils, fade your hair color, and much more. If you go too much one way for your hair type it can have a negative effect. You also should watch the amount of shampoo that you use when you wash. Many believe the common misconception that using more shampoo makes your hair cleaner. When you slop hair product on you reach a point when you are wasting product.
I hope that this helps you better understand how to maintain your hair and properly care for it each day. You can also click here to learn more about proper hair and skin care tactics.