Building A Gym In Your House? Follow These Tips To Choose & Protect Your Floor

There are a few factors that need to be considered before you decide on what type of floor to fit in your home gym whether your home gym is in the basement or a spare room. The type of exercises you plan on doing and the type of gym equipment you plan on fitting in the gym all contribute to the decision of what type of floor to fit and which one is best. For frequent gym goes and fitness fans, there are so many benefits to having a gym at home. Getting going and planing the creation of a home gym can be fun but on the other hand, it can also be a little overwhelming due to all the factors that need to be taken into consideration. The floor is a great example. Choosing the wrong type of floor can lead to disasters down the road.

The kind of floor that you choose, provided that you choose the correct one, can determine the type of workout that you are going for which will support you while you push through your exercise session. There are many options to consider but, as stated above make sure to choose the correct type based on the type of activity that you will be performing the majority of the time. If you are going to be doing a lot of mixed exercises like heavy weight lifting and yoga then both types need to be examined as both require a different approach.

Weightlifting is going to need a very strong floor because even if the user is careful, there is always the chance of an accidental drop of a weight which will surely damage the floor. Having a solid hardwood floor that is thick enough to sustain that type of force is very important. The amount of effort that it will take to have to strip the entire gym to replace a broken floor due to a bad choice is going to be quite costly and require a lot of time. This can all be avoided by making the right floor type choice.

For the avid weightlifter, a good solid hardwood floor with a foam mat on top is going to be the best choice. Hardwood is solid enough to endure a heavy weight falling on it, provided that there is a protective mat on top. Extra care also needs to be taken to protect the hardwood floor from damage in areas where there is no mat. Any build-up of dust and sand can quickly wear down the surface of hardwood. Always use a proper Dredge microfiber dust mop to clean the dust off the floor. Keeping dust off your floor will be the biggest and most simple thing that you can do to maximize the life of your expensive hardwood floor.