Do You Know Why You Need A Treadmill In Your Home?

You know you should exercise more, but you also might want to do it right in the comfort of your own home. Do you know why you need a treadmill in your home? There are actually several good reasons.

First of all, treadmills help you burn more calories. It’s not just that you burn more calories on a treadmill as compared to otherwise being sedentary, it’s actually that they burn more calories per hour than other exercise machines, including stationary bikes and stair climbers.

Secondly, you get to workout whenever you feel up for it. There’s no rushing to the gym to beat the crowd, no waiting in lines, and no spending time outside in the dark, rain, or snow.

Third, you can wear whatever you like. Instead of having to be decent and presentable for the public or having to meet gym rules about attire, you can wear ragged shirts and loud sweat pants all you want.

Fourth, you can use your home treadmill as long as you like. In gyms, there are time limits, and sometimes you might get rushed off before it’s up. No one’s competing with you in your own home. If they are, that’s a good problem to have as it means your family is fitness-oriented.

Fifth, get a body you dream of. If exercise is convenient, you’ll do it more. You’ll tighten up your skin, tone your abs, and kiss fat goodbye.

One big thing is how you can avoid boredom. No matter how great your playlist is, a gym treadmill will bore you to tears within about 10 minutes. At home, you can set up a TV and stream shows or movies. Finding the right show can mean more time on the treadmill, which may also pass faster than you ever thought. You might just burn a few more calories finding out how something ends.

Finally, the simplicity of it all is very refreshing. Not everyone wants to be a gym addict. It works for some, but many actually hate the gym. If you’re like that, then you’re going to have a lot of trouble keeping your motivation to keep exercising. A home treadmill is private, simple, comfortable, and immediate exercise anyone can do.

Treadmills can meet you where you’re at in terms of fitness level, and they’ll scale with you while you get better. What you do today will pay off tenfold in the future.

So, is fitness all about being entertained these days? Unfortunately it is so easy to get locked into entertainment mode at home- so why not just give in and get the best of both worlds? You can work out as well as getting in your daily dose of entertainment, factual or religious or faith-based programs.

Itís not all about Oprah or Love Island, many people prefer to watch good Christian based TV channels, so if you donít have time to exercise and watch your fav programs why not do both at once?