How To Find Makeup For Sensitive Skin

Those with really sensitive skin often find themselves having to constantly return makeup due to having an allergic reaction to it or it causes the skin to break out.

No matter what the case is, more and more cosmetics are coming out for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

They might cost a little bit more, but it will be worth it in the long run to have nice healthy skin.

Use Powders & Mineral Makeup

Powder foundations, blushes and other mineral makeup won’t have a lot of ingredients that other makeup products do, which is what causes the skin to get irritated. Using powders will cause a lot fewer skin irritations than using liquid foundations. If you find you are sensitive towards mineral makeup, eyebrow tattooing is a good solution.

Get Rid of Any Old & Expired Cosmetics

Most of the time, sensitive skin and allergy issues have developed in the last few years. Even though a certain product didnt cause any skin irritations, doesnt mean it wont cause problems now. Like food, beauty products can get spoiled. This is important to remember since makeup is being applied to the face and eyes.

Natural and Organic Cosmetics Win Over Regulars

A lifespan for cosmetics: Foundations will last about a year; lipsticks last one year as well; toss out your mascara after four months; and your powders and blushes can last up to two years. One mistake many people make is cleaning makeup brushes. Its important to make sure makeup brushes are cleaned on a regular basis, the dirt and germs that are on the brush can cause bad skin irritation.

Find Earth-Tone Eye Shadows

Use eye shadows that are earth-toned. For many, colours like cream, beige or tan cause less eye irritation. Many makeup artists will say that red dye used in some shadows causes problems for many people. Others may experience reactions to using purple eye shadows. These are two common and popular shades that can irritate the eyes. Black eye liner and mascara products are the least allergenic of all the other colours.

Use Sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or Higher

Many dermatologists, makeup artists and skincare specialist will inform tell people to use products that have an SPF of 15 or higher in them. Check the number of ingredients, while its impossible to be allergic to sunscreen since the purpose of it is to deflect the rays as opposed to absorbing them, the fewer the ingredients, the less likely the sunscreen will create irritation problems. A lot of makeup brands are now making foundations that have an SPF of 15 or higher. Remember to check the labels before purchasing to make sure it has an SPF on them.