Identity Fashion Trends Of The Future

As we all know, fashion trends can change at the drop of a hat. Whether it’s the changing of the seasons, which can alter styles from high turtle necks and fun fluffy scarfs to pantsuits and cutoffs, or an Instagram post, you never know what will be the catalyst behind the next in-thing in American fashion trends. However, with social media providing the ability to cater to growing subcultures such as Cosplay and Furry Culture, we are slowing seeing fashion trends becoming more redefined by subcultural narratives.

Fashion has historically been about taking a designer’s brand and putting together pieces to make it your own. Now, we are seeing more and more people look to identify not with clothes, but with character personalities or individual manifested identities. Here in this post, we will examine a few of the up and coming fashion trends you may not have been expecting.

There is a rapidly growing trend, not necessarily directly related to fashion per se, but advocated establishing a unique identity through the use of costumes. If you haven’t heard of furry culture until now, you definitely will start seeing it more soon. Furries are people who dress in animal costumes and which represent a unique anthropomorphic being. Anthropomorphic beings are animal’s bodies that encompass human characteristics such as walking upright. These costumes are typically handmade by an artist and can cost anywhere from $500-$3000. The purpose of the costume is to present a unique persona that is the creation of the person wearing the costume. This culture is exploding among all ages and populations, with conventions springing up around the world. From a fashion perspective, we are seeing people engage in all types of unique accessories and extras to their costumes, further adding their touch and flare.

Cosplay culture has been around for years, but around the last ten years, the culture has exploded. Cosplay is also a costume culture, in which Cosplayers dress as their favorite anime and fictional characters. As these conventions become larger and larger spectacles, without a doubt, we will begin to see more substantial influences of Cosplay intersect with traditional fashion cultures. The makeup skills required to accurately portray animated and fictional characters make Cosplay a tremendous cultural influence on up and coming fashion styles. Also, like furry fandom, many professional cosplayers enlist professional artists or create their costumes.

Identity fashion trends and cultures are growing at an exponential rate in the United States. While you may not see furry and Cosplay costumes at your local H&M, in the future, it may be as normal as a pair of capris.