Travel Beauty Tips

Planning ahead for travel beauty needs, will allow for a carefree vacation and looking great while enjoying every minute of it.

Panicking over beauty care during vacation, freaking out over humid weather hair frizz, or having to pack a ton of toiletries is easy to overcome with a pre-trip beauty plan. The following is a countdown list of beauty concerns to tackle before going away. Tips that will also save money by avoiding overweight baggage fees.

For a Clear Complexion that will Put up with Vacation Neglect and Still Look Great

Get a spa facial three to four weeks before the trip. Pores will be cleaned, blackheads vanished, and dead cells removed for a fresh face ready for pictures. Make sure to tell the therapist about the upcoming trip to avoid sun-sensitizing treatments such as peels. Also, ask the spa for product samples to take on the trip, which are perfect travel size. Pack samples in a ziplock bag and label skin care.

Bikini and Leg Waxing for Frolicking Self-confidently at the Beach

Waxing provides freedom from razors and creams during a vacation. A Bikini wax lasts 3-6 weeks and it requires a minimum of 24 hours after waxing before sunbathing. Tackle this step one to two weeks before the trip. A side effect of waxing is exfoliation, leaving waxed areas soft and smooth.

Vacation Hairstyles That Last Through Night and Day

Nobody wants to spend hours in a hotel room styling hair. Leave the styling products and tools at home, hotels provide shampoo and hair driers, just bring a hairbrush. Cover gray hair with color, fix split ends with a good cut, or treat dry hair with a deep conditioning treatment. If hair is frizzy or uncontrollable, consider a Keratin Treatment or a Thermal Straightening, treatments which dont require upkeep.

This is not the time for DIY, the aim is a salon finish that will last. A visit to the hair salon up to two weeks before the trip will get hair in tip-top shape plus cut down time styling and increase fun filled days.

Eyebrow Shaping Wipes out a Tired Appearance

Shaping eyebrows is like getting a facelift. Choose either waxing or threading, either will provide a clean finish that lasts over 3 weeks with little or no upkeep. Include tweezers in the beauty bag for any stray hair that might show up. You could also consider lash extensions for long lasting eyelashes that won’t require mascara.

Manicure and Pedicure, the Last Step before Vacation Starts

Going on vacation with well pampered hands and feet provide ultimate comfort. Manicured hands look pretty and are the finishing touch of any look. Well-pampered feet will allow for long walks, running through airports without pain and best of all, showing off those new sandals.

To eliminate carrying nail polish bottles, choose nail enamel close to the original color of nails. If choosing reds or other colors opt for a gel manicure and pedicure, it will last for at least two weeks without chipping.

The guide above will not take any more work than the time it takes to plan a trip. With a little planning, the amount of beauty care can be cut down and still be well groomed and picture perfect every day. Just bring some tinted moisturizer, lip-gloss, and sunglasses and get ready to enjoy a well-deserved break.